05/09/2018 Uechi-Ryu Karate Assoication (GB)
Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (GB)
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Uechi Ryu Karate is an Okinawan style, which originated in China and was brought to Okinawa early this century by Kanbun Uechi. The name Pwangai-noon (my spelling) was used to describe the style. It means 'half hard, half soft'. It is characterised by upright stance, circular hard and soft (evassive) blocks, open hand and one knuckle techniques and kicking with the big toe.
About the Uechi-Ryu style of karate

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Terry Daly :7th dan Kyoshi, teaches in East London. Started training in USA with George Mattson and Bob Campbell at the age of 14. Terry has trained numerous kumite and kata champions and has an impressive collection of trophies that he won himself. Visited Okinawa in 1982. Terry was elected Chairman of the Association in 2018.

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terry at intbis.com
Steve McNally :7th dan Kyoshi, Steve teaches in Liverpool. He Started training in 1976 with Dave Scott. He has trained in the USA and Spain with Master Shinjo and has been an inpiration to so many students and instructors.

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ste39_uk at yahoo.co.uk
Mick Pappas : 7th dan Kyoshi, Mick was Chairman of the Association from 2008 to 2018. He started training in Liverpool with Dave Scott in 1975 and trained in Okinawa, France, Germany, and the USA and now teaches in Oxford.

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Wayne Otto : 5th dan, Wayne began training at 14 under Terry Daly. Since then, he has won 9 Gold medals in the WUKO World Championships He has a competitive spirit and a love for fighting and large trophies. He is now coach for the Norwegian National Squad. Kuda Adams :5th Dan. Senior Instructor at East London dojo. Club Instructor at former South London dojo. Began training in Uechi Ryu in 1989. He travelled to Okinawa in 2013 and Represented the Uechi Ryu karate team. National Individual and Team champion. Tony Hutton :Renshi
Tony studies and teaches Uechi-Ryu karate in Liverpool.
Steve McNally :Renshi
Stephen began training at the Hope Street club, under the instruction of Danny Haigh. He remains as enthusiastic about training as he was then, benefitting from the high standard of senior instructors in the UK. He has enjoyed travelling to learn from other instructors, notably Senseis Kiyohide and Narahiro Shinjo.
Dean Lowe : 4th dan. Sensei Dean Lowe started training in 1981 with Sensei Terry Daly in East London. He was apart of the Uechi Ryu Kumite team, with Terry Daly and Wayne Otto . Dean opened his own club in 1997, producing many national and international champions. His coaching success, recently earned him a position of Assistant England Coach with our National team .

David L Scott : founder of the Association and after so many years of being inspirational in our training and a great ambassador for Uechi Ryu in Great Britain, he has retired from active training and teaching and has agreed to continue his role of advisor and mentor to the board.

He is a long-standing member of the Kanzeon Zen Buddhist Sanga and is now a Dharma Holder within the Zen tradition. He leads the Liverpool Zen Group. For details of their morning and evening meditation and teaching timetable see Liverpool's Zen Buddhist Group.
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Dean Lowe
(East London)
Andrew Thorpe
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