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Pictures of gradings
Update on Sensei David Scott's activities in the Buddhist traditions - receiving Denkai.
Appointment of a new Board member - duties and responsibilities
Awarding of 5th dan - Sensei Wayne Otto update
suggested video links - old and new posted by enthusiasts
Living and training on Okinawa - Reprint of the article Sensei Dave Scott wrote on his return from Okinawa in 1975
Visit to Okinawa 1982 - Some pictures from the visit by Terry, Ken Steve and me with minimal explanations
drawings of body parts - Japanese names for some important body parts
grading syllabus - showing whats required and corresponding belt colours

All instructors of clubs in this Association are required to pay an Association club fee of 30.00 each year.

Individual member insurance is necessary and as we are members of the English Karate Federation, the license fee for all Association members is now 11.50 per student or instructor. Please note that this is the Association membership and insurance and is independent of club membership. We need the full names, addresses and dates of birth of all who wish to be insured. This is actioned through club instructors in liaison with Sensei Mick Pappas.

The Association relies on these fees to fund it's expenses which include Directors' and Officers' Liability insurance, Public Liability insurance with Member to Member cover, Personal Accident insurance, Membership to the EKF and general administration costs. More information can be found in the members area.

A warm hello and a prosperous 2011 to everyone.

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